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                  Enameled wire industry: technology first

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                  After decades of development, China's enameled wire industry has made rapid development. But should also see a few problems in the industry, such as (1) quality is uneven, there is still a considerable number of enterprises backward technology and equipment, lack of detection means is difficult to produce good quality products, If this situation can not be changed as soon as possible will lose living space; (2) many companies confusion misunderstood the meaning of the introduction of technology and equipment imports, resulting in imported equipment can not form new advantages, which is caused by excessive competition in the important reasons of the quality of convergence and specialty lines; (3) insufficient unstable product quality and consistency of the problem of poor understanding of the quality and value of the brand has considerable universality; (4) ability of independent development, the development of varieties always rely on imitation of foreign products, and so on; these problems continue to exist apparently will be bigger and stronger industry insurmountable obstacles, in order to solve these problems, at the technical level to strengthen the in-depth research of materials, process optimization and testing technology and improved through continuous accumulation enterprise's own technological innovation.

                  The reinforcing material applied research, accumulated application experience

                  Conductor material is well known! Magnet wire production requires the use of high-quality copper, lead to the drawing and annealing characteristics differ due to the different manufacturing technologies for enameled wire is more important now commonly used oxygen-free copper rod and electrical tough copper rod! Application The study concluded that the high requirements for flexibility magnet wire products recommended electrical the ductile copper rod as a conductor material. abroad for enamelled flat wire and fine line production electrician tough copper rod in many cases also planed processing, in order to reduce the break, the production of fine lines will use copper alloys containing small amounts of other metal components as the conductor material. conductor importance of quality has been more and more enterprises recognize, but the rational use of drawing equipment , the continuous monitoring of the lubricant, mold optional, maintenance and other links are still well short of the degree of attention as the follow-up process, foreign research showed that 10% of enameled wire surface quality problems and film continuity defects Cause from copper wire drawing process, which reflect the importance of the conductor material applied research.

                  2, to ensure the line product quality and production efficiency

                  Varieties of enameled wire, a lot of brands to use to cause some trouble, but also increased choice, control the quality of the paint properties and process law is particularly important for the line to ensure the product quality and production efficiency, has confirmed that even in the same varieties of different origin brand paint! often also need to be used under different process conditions in order to get the best quality performance line performance levels will be significantly different, such as THEIC: modified polyester paint, acetal paint, , self-adhesive paint have this feature, through applied research will be able to find and grasp these laws, but also be able to verify the applicability of the experience of others in their own business under certain conditions.

                  3, to strengthen the process optimization studies, master the advanced and practical technology process optimization is the basic work of the magnet wire enterprise technology innovation

                  Of equipment, materials, technology relations between the experimental study, focusing reveal between the process and the quality of the law! Master the optimum conditions of production, thus forming the advanced and practical technology; companies have to keep to create and own their own proprietary technology, in order to always keep in the fierce market competition, quality and product differentiation advantages.

                  4, to enhance detection technology research, to promote the development of the variety and quality

                  China's electrical appliances industry in the 1980s, the introduction of foreign manufacturing technology, domestic raw materials to stimulate demand for a variety of magnet wire industry development and improve the quality of enthusiasm, at the same time led to the improvement and development of detection technologies; domestic magnet wire full reached the IEC, NEMA, JIS magnet wire production and use has a long history, but so far some product features are not completely understood, which also requires the application yuan more advanced testing methods to explore further; such as enameled Fitness around and "coordination", summed up the results of research at home and abroad in recent years, which is widely perceived performance characteristics of the metal conductor coating and thus subject line of surface quality, flexibility, tensile strength, tough film and surface lubricity a combination of factors, which requires further research work in the future to determine the relevant performance indicators and their detection methods.