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                  Discussion enameled performance

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                  Enameled wire-line measurement can effectively control the products of high quality, but enameled wire production is running at high speed, there is no way to measure any contact measurement tools are to accurate data, and likely to cause the wire is broken, enameled wire is mainly used for 180 C and hotter than the workplace of the electrical, electronics, instrumentation, transformer winding wire, such as polyester-imide enameled wire, enameled wire of polyimide, polyester, E 22; amine / polyamide-imide enameled wire .

                  Polyester and modified polyester enameled wire, ordinary polyester enameled wire, the heat level is 130, by the enameled thermal modification level 155, the item has a high mechanical strength, and has good flexibility, scratch resistance, adhesion, electrical and solvent resistance, which is China's current production capacity is one of the largest species, accounting for about two-thirds, widely used in a variety of motors, electrical, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment and home appliances, the weakness of the product is thermal shock poor performance, low moisture-resistant performance.

                  Enameled wire is one of the main varieties of the winding wire, the conductor and the insulating layer two, bare wire after annealing to soften, and then after several paint baking, the enameled various enameled quality characteristics of the same, but have a mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties of the four performance, special-purpose enameled wire is enameled with a certain quality characteristics required for winding wire for specific occasions, such as: enameled wire (direct welding), from viscous enameled wire.