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                  Application of magnet wire coating products

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                  Magnet wires and enameled wire with an insulating electrostatic powder coating mainly applied in concentrated sulfuric acid treatment instead of the metal aluminum magnet wire on the insulating oxide film can also be applied on the insulating paint coating enameled. Usually the powder coating film thickness for a wire diameter of the round wires or width thickness of more than 1.6mm, 1.6mm 1.6mm above the flat line, the coating thickness above 40m insulating coating, so for require a thin coating of the coating was also unable to apply. If you are using ultra-thin powder coating can also do a thickness of 20 to 40m, but due to the difficulty of the cost of processing and coating of paint, can not promote a large number of applications. When the film thickness is too thick, the pliability of the performance of the coating film is decreased, does not apply to products on the metal wire bending angle is too large. Due to the limit of the film thickness is too thin metal wire is not suitable for using a powder coating process.

                  Powder coating magnet wire is mainly used in welding machine, electromagnet, dry-type transformers and other electrical products.